Full History of Digital Marketing (Origin, Evolution, Timeline)

What comes to mind when you think of marketing? Commercials, ads, and PR stunts, right? It’s easy to forget that marketing is a centuries-old practice. 

From emails to search engines, mobiles to social media, digital ads to content marketing, the digital marketing industry’s evolution hasn’t been boring. It is a strange beast and the rare intersection of technology, human nature, and business. This field has come a long way from the good old days when the cost of eyeballs was measured by primary means to now, where it needs hours of research, hundreds in online advertising costs, and sometimes years of waiting for results that may or may not happen.

From the internet’s birth to the dot-com collapse, digital marketing has seen it all. The science and art of selling through the internet have progressed from its early days when searching a market was difficult and seemed like a miracle. It’s moved from being a mysterious craft for digital admen to having a firm place in mainstream business, with virtually every leading brand having some digital marketing strategy in the present world.

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